Day 213: Bar Nun

Originally the site of the Casper Airport, the land where Bar Nunn, Wyoming is now was purchased by a local rancher named Romie Nunn and later subdivided. In 1982, the subdivision became the town of Bar Nunn. The town layout is interesting in that the former airport runways are now the town streets. From the air, the town still looks like an airport.

Laetitia and her group visited Hole in the Wall, an infamous box canyon where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid used to hide out. They also visited Teapot Dome. Though few now living have heard of the Teapot Dome Scandal, it was a major event in the 1920s and left a permanent blemish on Warren G. Harding’s presidency. It involved misappropriated government oil fields, single-bid contracts, jury tampering, and bribery. The Teapot Dome itself isn’t much to look at—just an unusual rock formation. When one of Laetitia’s group read about the scandal at the site, he remarked, “Isn’t it amazing? The criminal activity was actually exposed by the Wall Street Journal, and some corrupt public officials were actually tried, convicted, and jailed. That wouldn’t happen today.”

A story heard during happy hour provided the limerick of the day.

A young fellow who lived in Bar Nunn
Who hung out at the Club 21
At the bar saw the back
Of a habit in black
And decided it was a bar nun.