Day 610: Mount Tabor Saber

After leaving West Dover, Laetitia and her group drove west along the Molly Stark Trail to Bennington, then took U.S. Highway 7 toward Mount Tabor, Vermont, at the north end of Green Mountain National Forest. On the waythey hiked portions of the Appalachian Trail.

Named after the mountain in Galilee believed to be the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus, Mount Tabor is a small town of about 200 inhabitants. Since the town is somewhat remote from urban centers and lacks abundant entertainment options, residents tend to entertain themselves with house parties. Local gossip about one such party provided the limerick of the day.

At a Halloween bash in Mount Tabor
Mel danced in costume with a saber
‘Til he tripped o’er his tunic
Becoming a eunuch
Thus ending his trysts with his neighbor.