Day 211: Rose Pose

Powell, Wyoming is a town of about 5,000 people close to Yellowstone National Park. Laetitia and her group drove through the park, passing Yellowstone Lake and taking the loop road over Craig Pass and past Old Faithful. They made several stops at other geysers and hot springs and visited the Museum of the Park Ranger before taking the northern part of the loop to Lake Village and then heading out through the east park entrance toward Powell. Powell was named for John Wesley Powell, a soldier, geologist, and explorer.

On the walkabout in Powell with her group, Laetitia saw some teenage boys snickering and poking each other. She looked in the direction they were looking and saw what they were snickering at. The incident provided the limerick of the day.

When a buxom old lady from Powell,
Who bent over to work with her trowel
While tending her roses
Got into rude poses
It made all the neighbor boys howl.

Day 49: Knickers Snickers

Listowel, on the River Feale in County Kerry, is a market town of about 23,000 residents. It is a picturesque “heritage” town with a stone bridge of five arches traversing the Feale at the community’s entrance. Listowel Castle is an Anglo-Normal style structure built in the fifteenth century. Two of its original four towers remain, and a heavy curtain wall connects them. The castle has the unusual feature of an arch below the battlements. Laetitia and her group visited the castle and rode on a replica of the original train that operated on the Listowel and Ballybunion Railway, the world’s first monorail railroad. The replica engine looks like the original steam engines that pulled the train, but is in fact diesel powered.

On the walkabout, Laetitia watched an incident that engendered the limerick of the day.

When a gardener lady named Powell
Bent over to work with her trowel
In short skirt without knickers,
It engendered loud snickers
From the neighborhood boys of Listowel.