Day 210: Ten Sleep

The town of Ten Sleep, WY was once a Native American rest stop. It was centrally located, ten sleeps away from (1) Fort Laramie, (2) what is now Yellowstone National Park, and (3) the Indian Agency on the Stillwater River in Montana. Today Ten Sleep has roughly 300 inhabitants with three restaurants, two bars, two motels, a convenience store/gas station, a campground, a bank, and a hardware store. Laetitia and her group went kayaking in Ten Sleep Creek before going to the town. The man who rented kayaks to her for the group had a story about a couple of teenage lovers that became the limerick of the day.

When Rod seduced Jan in a Jeep
On the bank of a stream near Ten Sleep
He bumped with his rear
The shift out of gear
And rolled into a creek three feet deep.

Day 79: Rear Shift

Next Laetitia and her group visited Horseleap, a town along what was formerly the Dublin to Galway road. Its name dates back to the thirteenth century, when Norman lord Brian Fitzgerald, after a confrontation with Clan Mac Geoghan, was chased on horseback back to his castle in Damore, only to find the drawbridge closed. He made good his escape, then his horse leaped the moat. They stopped in a pub for Guinness and shepherd’s pie. The day’s gossip and limerick was about an enthusiastic local couple that, unlike Sir Brian, ended up in the water.

A young couple that lived in Horseleap
And thrashed ‘round making love in a jeep
Kicked with ecstasy near
The gearshift out of gear
And rolled into a lake three feet deep.