Day 536: Husky in Sandusky

Today’s destination was the Great Lakes city of Sandusky, Ohio. There are two hypotheses about how the city got its name. One is that it’s a corruption of a Seneca phrase, “san to chee,” meaning “cold water.” The other is that it is the corruption of the name of a seventeenth-century Polish trader named Sadowski or Sodowsky. One of Sandusky’s tourist attractions is an amusement park at Cedar Point that features one of the largest collections of roller coasters in the world. Laetitia and her group went to the amusement park in the morning. In the afternoon, they visited the Maritime Museum of Sandusky and hiked along the lakefront.

When Laetitia walked into the bar she had chosen for happy hour, she found the atmosphere saturated with the strong odor of musky perfume emanating from a stylishly dressed woman at the bar. Undeterred, Laetitia took the bar stool next to the woman and introduced herself. Most people who populate happy hours have just finished work, but Jane, the woman on the next barstool, said she was going to her work, which was, as she described it, “making money from men.” Like everyone else, Jane had dreams. Hers was to meet a wealthy man who would “take her away from all that.” She imagined him tall and muscular, but most of the men she met were otherwise. When she left to go on her “appointed rounds,” Laetitia wrote a limerick in her notebook, finished her drink, and went off to join her group for dinner.

Wearing strong scent quite musky
Jane cruised the night streets of Sandusky
Seeking guys fat or thin
Although she preferred men
Who were tall, well muscled, and husky.

Day 117: Olivine Scene

One of Laetitia’s pleasures in conducting these tours of the Hawaiian Islands was that the packets of freshly roasted coffee beans that she found next to the coffee maker each morning when she arrived at the Emerald Victorian were 100 percent Kona coffee. Obviously, the mysterious powers that be at Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours had a source. Although pure Kona coffee is easily obtainable in the Islands, what is commonly marketed as Kona coffee in mainland United States is a blend of only 10 percent Kona. It doesn’t resemble the real thing.

One of the attractions on the big island of Hawaii for those who like secluded sun-bathing is Papakõlea Beach, better known as “the beach with green sand.” The sand is composed of a silicate of iron and magnesium called Olivine. Laetitia took her group there. A woman from Ohio named Claire, who had joined her tour, was so enamored with all of the tanned muscular men on the beach that she didn’t want to go home.

Lying there on the beach with green sand
Claire opined that her life was quite bland
Back home in Sandusky
Where men weren’t as husky
And, certainly not as well tanned.