Day 576: Swill in Millville

The distance between Alloway and Millville, New Jersey, is not great, so Laetitia began the touring day with a hike in Parvin State Park. The park has a man-made lake built in 1783 that served as a reservoir for a sluiceway that powered a saw mill. Today the 465-acre park features a pine forest and a swamp hardwood forest that afford excellent bird and wildlife watching. During the twentieth century, what is now the park was variously employed as a Civilian Conservation Corps camp, a summer camp for children of displaced Japanese-Americans, and a prisoner of war camp for Germans.

As its name indicates, the city of Millville grew up in an area where mills were abundant. Later the city was the home of glass factories and foundries. Laetitia took her group to Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, which features a museum of American glass making. A conversation overheard during happy hour about a woman more adept in the bedroom than the kitchen provided inspiration for Laetitia’s limerick of the day.

A fine lass from the town of Millville
Served her soup that resembled pig swill
To men by the score
Who came back for more
Or, more likely, her love-making skill.

Day 575: Galloway of Alloway

Laetitia and her group left Bear and crossed the Delaware into New Jersey. Their ultimate destination was Alloway, but first they made a detour to Supawna Meadow National Wildlife Refuge to view waterfowl and shorebirds.

When they arrived in the community that afternoon, their first stop was the Alloway History Museum. It focuses on life in Alloway Township dating from when it was first settled by Europeans in 1767. One might imagine that Scottish immigrants homesick for Alloway in Ayrshire, Scotland, gave the town its name, or that folks who loved the poetry of Robert Burns chose it to honor his birthplace.

Laetitia was unable to find any evidence of a connection between Alloway, New Jersey and Burns, but the bar gossip at happy hour was about a local fellow named Callaway who aspired to follow in Burns’ footsteps. He succeeded in consuming lots of alcoholic spirits, but the voluminous body of verse he composed revealed little talent, and he was unable to match Burns’ success with women. His story inspired the limerick of the day.

A randy young fellow named Callaway
Who aspired to be Don Juan of Alloway
Drank and wrote verse at turns
But was no Robert Burns
And managed to frighten each gal away.

Day 145: Roy in Gilroy

Laetitia headed south with her group to Gilroy, California, which every summer hosts the Gilroy Garlic Festival. The festival features garlic products of all types, including pickled garlic and garlic ice cream. They arrived in time to see the Miss Gilroy Garlic Festival Queen crowned and heard her garlic speech. The festival draws people from all over the world. As her group moved through the crowd, Laetitia talked to several of the festival attendees. Most of the people were enjoying themselves. However one young man from New Jersey, named Roy, had come to the festival to meet “broads” and was leaving because he hadn’t succeeded. He became the subject of the limerick of the day.

A man from New Jersey named Roy
Sought romance in the town of Gilroy
But when Gilroy girls speak
They, of garlic, so reek
That he’s going back to Perth Amboy.

Day 120: Last Night in Paradise

For their last day in Hawaii, before moving on to Alaska, most of Laetitia’s group wanted to go shopping. Some went to elegant shops for clothing and beachwear, but others went to Hilo Hattie’s looking for bargains. In the evening, they came early for happy hour and had drinks for several hours before having a late dinner. It was the last evening in “paradise,” and Mike, a rancher from Montana, Daphne, an office manager from New Jersey, and Clem, a retiree from Vermont, were desperate to have one last fling before going home, providing Laetitia with material for three limericks.

Young Mike from Montana’s Big Sky land
Cruised beach bars as he tried to beguile and
Entice young wahines
With double martinis
To wed him and leave the Big Island.

When Daphne from near Perth Amboy
Came to visit Hawaii for poi
She escaped her bikini
Just like old Houdini
When seduced by a beachcomber’s ploy.

Old Clem from near Ticklenaked Pond
Viewed himself as a senior James Bond
On Hawaiian adventures
‘Til he lost his dentures
As he tried to make time with a blonde.