Day 551: Spreading Joy

The Mind’s Eye group headed next to Lansing, Michigan’s capital city. In 1897, Ransom Eli Olds founded the Olds Motor Works in Lansing. Their product, the Oldsmobile, was popular throughout much of the twentieth century. They introduced the first fully automatic transmission in the Oldsmobile in 1940. Laetitia’s group started at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum, which features a collection of Oldsmobiles dating from 1897 to 2004, the first and last years when the car was made. Afterward, they visited the Turner-Dodge Mansion, built in 1855 in the Classical Revival style, with a museum collection dedicated to Lansing’s pioneers.

A majority of Laetitia’s group members consisted of couples that liked dancing, so the group had an early dinner, attended a performance of the Greater Lansing Ballet Company, and went to a cabaret that featured ballroom dancing afterward. From her perch at the bar, Laetitia watched a handsome young man make the rounds of the older women in the crowd. She thought there might be a limerick there, and after she had a brief conversation with the bartender, found there was.

Young Josh had a plan for enhancing
His financial status by dancing
And spreading great joy
As favorite boy toy
Of the dowager ladies of Lansing.