Day 562: Tuscarora Aura

Laetitia and her group left Accident and traveled east, stopping at Rocky Gap State Park on the Maryland/Pennsylvania state line. They went canoeing on Lake Habeeb before continuing on east. Later they headed southeast toward Tuscarora, Maryland, their evening’s destination. The village is named Tuscarora after Tuscarora Creek, which passes through it. It is located near the Potomac River and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The happy hour gossip was about a local man named Mortimer, who adopted a somewhat unique approach as he attempted to enhance his aura of perceived value in the eyes of a naïve local girl named Aurora. The gossip spawned the limerick of the day.

When Mortimer came to adore a
Quite gullible girl named Aurora
He convinced her that he
Could be had for a fee
Or so they say in Tuscarora.