Day 432: A Lick and a Promise

As she walked down Raglan Road toward the Emerald Victorian, Laetitia decided that she would leave Scotland today. She was beginning to think about the tours she would lead in the eastern United States, but she needed to plan some tours in Wales first. She opened the big wooden door, went into the kitchen, started a pot of Columbian dark roast brewing, and went into the library. Her first thought was that Wales was going to be a bit of a challenge, since she didn’t have a feel for the Welsh language. As she walked back into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee, she mulled over her options. By the time she had finished her second cup of coffee, Laetitia made a decision.

Her grandmother hated “housewifery,” as she called housework, borrowing the term from American Puritan poet Edward Taylor. When her grandmother gave her house a cursory cleaning, she would say she was giving the house “a lick and a promise.” Laetitia decided to give Wales a “lick and a promise” this time around. To atone for giving the country short shrift this time, she would go to Wales again when she did the worldwide series of tours that she planned to do after the eastern United States.

She was still drawing a blank on a tour in Wales for today, so she made a second decision. She would use the day to plan a short series of tours in Wales. The powers that be at Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours headquarters—wherever that was—hadn’t authorized a day off from touring, but she would do it anyway. She decided it was easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. She still needed a limerick for the day, so she made one up about a female stamp collector named Natalie.

When a man kissed a lady named Natalie
She was so engrossed in philately
That she gave John Thomas
A lick and a promise
When he wished her to play Lady Chatterley.