Day 238: Cache Flash

Laetitia took her group to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge for some hiking and wildlife viewing. They found it a lovely area with rivers, lakes, rock cliffs, and grasslands with buffalo herds. The refuge is close to Fort Sill, where the famous Apache chief Geronimo is buried. Late that evening, the group arrived in Cache, where they were spending the evening. Cache is a small Oklahoma city of about 2,400 inhabitants.

In the motel bar during happy hour, Laetitia watched a man circulating among the crowd. He seemed very popular. When the bartender noticed that Laetitia was watching the man work the crowd, he said, “That’s Bob. He just inherited a lot of money when his father died. He’s popular with the ladies right now because he has a new car and is a big spender. But his cash won’t last long at the rate he’s spending it. He’ll find that he’s not so popular when it runs out.” Laetitia smiled and thanked the bartender. He had given her the limerick of the day.

Bob thought that the ladies of Cache
Found attractive his looks and panache
But it wasn’t his charms
That drew them in swarms
‘Twas the fact he was rolling in cash.