Day 608: Stork Reality

On the way to Leverett, Massachusetts, their next destination, Laetitia and her group went hiking and wildlife watching in Mount Holyoke Range State Park and Lawrence Swamp. The Mount Holyoke Range is a seven-mile ridge of rugged woodlands interspersed with streams, ponds, and wetlands. After hiking part of the ridge, the group hiked the portion of the 47-mile Robert Frost Trail that runs through Lawrence Swamp. They visited the Emily Dickenson House and Museum in Amherst before going to their final destination for the day.

Leverett is a town of about 2,000 residents. It’s small enough that young people are enticed away to seek their fortunes in cities, and everybody knows everyone else’s business. The bar gossip was about a local girl named Zoe who went off to work in Boston. While there, she went on a wild weekend in New York with a man from the Boston suburb of Everett. The trip’s unanticipated result was the source of the day’s limerick.

Young Zoe let a fellow from Everett
Do things that she wished she had never let
On a trip to New York
Now she’s expecting the stork
And raising eyebrows back home in Leverett.