Day 577: Woodbine Swine

Although outsiders are likely to view New Jersey as mostly urban, the state has lots of green areas. Laetitia and her group spent much of the day hiking in one of them—Belleplain State Forest. They hiked the East Creek Trail, through stands of pine and Atlantic white cedar. Later they rented bicycles for a ride on the mountain bike trail.

At happy hour in Woodbine that afternoon, Laetitia’s perch at the bar was within earshot of a table of men complaining about a local woman whom one of them described as “wanting to fart in silk.” Laetitia decided to turn the gossip into her required limerick.

A young lass who was called Caroline
Fascinated the men of Woodbine
But sad was their plight
For woo as they might
She deemed herself “pearls before swine.”