Day 28: Vicar Snicker

Glenbeigh is a picturesque small village on the Ring of Kerry. Its primary occupation was once fishing, and but now it is largely tourism. It has a lovely beach with a view across the bay to the Dingle Mountains. Laetitia took her group to the Bog Village Museum, a recreated eighteenth century community with thatched cottages, blacksmith’s forge, turf cutter’s house, stable dwelling, and dairy house.

Later they visited the ruin of Wynne’s Castle, also known as “Wynne’s Folly.” Lord Headly Wynne built the mansion/castle in 1867. He dramatically raised the rents of his tenants to pay the building costs, and his agents brutally removed any of his tenants who couldn’t raise the increased rents. Lord Wynne gradually drifted into insolvency and left the Glenbeigh area entirely at the time of World War I, renting the buildings to the British Army for a reservist-training center. In 1921, the Irish Republican Army burned the castle.

An anecdote heard in the local pub that evening, allegedly about a local vicar, gave Laetitia the limerick of the day.

When a vicar who lives in Glenbeigh
Found his shirttail was caught in his fly
He continued to preach
While concealing this breach
By saying, “Let’s all gaze on high.”