Day 120: Last Night in Paradise

For their last day in Hawaii, before moving on to Alaska, most of Laetitia’s group wanted to go shopping. Some went to elegant shops for clothing and beachwear, but others went to Hilo Hattie’s looking for bargains. In the evening, they came early for happy hour and had drinks for several hours before having a late dinner. It was the last evening in “paradise,” and Mike, a rancher from Montana, Daphne, an office manager from New Jersey, and Clem, a retiree from Vermont, were desperate to have one last fling before going home, providing Laetitia with material for three limericks.

Young Mike from Montana’s Big Sky land
Cruised beach bars as he tried to beguile and
Entice young wahines
With double martinis
To wed him and leave the Big Island.

When Daphne from near Perth Amboy
Came to visit Hawaii for poi
She escaped her bikini
Just like old Houdini
When seduced by a beachcomber’s ploy.

Old Clem from near Ticklenaked Pond
Viewed himself as a senior James Bond
On Hawaiian adventures
‘Til he lost his dentures
As he tried to make time with a blonde.

Day 114: Air Amour; Paramour

Kauai is one of the prettiest of the Hawaiian islands, and it is frequently chosen as a setting for movies. Laetitia and her group had lunch with a view of the conical peak that was filmed and then extensively edited to serve as “Bali Hai” in the film South Pacific. That afternoon they watched some hang gliders. A rather indignant local girl told Laetitia that a man from Kentucky had bought her a few drinks and then tried to get her to go hang gliding without her bikini. It provided Laetitia with the limerick of the day.

When a man who came from Marshes Siding
Sought amore in the air while hang gliding
His reluctant wahine
Kept on her bikini
For she wanted to be law-abiding.