Day 88: Minch Stench

Lahinch is a colorful seaside town in County Clare. Laetitia and her group toured the ruin of nearby Dough Castle, built in the fourteenth century. It was a stronghold first for the O’Connor Clan and later the O’Briens. Today, what remains of the former tower house stands on a rocky knoll above the River Inagh overlooking the fairway of the Lahinch Golf Course. The Old Course at Lahinch, with its stunning views of the ocean, is rather famous, and it turned out that those who came on the day’s tour were golfers who wanted to play the course. Laetitia made the appropriate arrangements and stopped at the clubhouse bar for a Guinness.

The bartender had several interesting stories, but the one that became the limerick of the day was about a young local woman who met a young fellow named Lynch in a waterfront pub and found him very attractive. He had sailed up from Bantry on his 30-foot sloop and was planning to sail north, pass through the Minch, loop around the Outer Hebrides, and return home. He was sailing alone, and he invited the young woman to go with him. It all seemed very romantic and she quickly agreed. However, after a few days at sea, the romance began to wear thin. The sea was so rough that they couldn’t swim, and they had enough water on board for drinking and cooking but not for bathing. Personal hygiene was very important to this young woman, and soon she was eager to get home.

A romantic young wench from Lahinch
Sailed the Minch with a fellow named Lynch
But found they couldn’t bathe
And though love she did crave
She could not bear to clench for the stench.