Day 23: Dog Training

Caherdaniel is another lovely little village on the Ring of Kerry, overlooking Derrynane Bay. The village was the home of Daniel O’Connell, who championed the right of Catholics to be elected to Westminster Parliament during the nineteenth century. Laetitia and her group visited the museum that was formerly Daniel O’Connell’s home. They also visited Staigue Fort, a 2,000-year-old stone fortress overlooking the sea. Like many of the towns on the Ring of Kerry, Caherdaniel has several nice beaches nearby, and Laetitia took her group to one of them.

While most members of her group were wading in the surf, Laetitia watched a teenager with a spaniel. The dog was in the late stages of puppyhood, and the young lad was trying to train him. Both boy and dog were new to the process, as evidenced by the puppy’s playfulness and the boy’s not-so-portable training manual. To complicate the process, a teenage girl of about the same age as the boy walked by on the beach. Their faces told the story. She kept looking at the dog. Obviously, she would have loved to walk over and pet it and talk to the young man, but wouldn’t do so without an invitation. He, on the other hand, was overcome with shyness, and kept looking in the manual as though it would tell him what to do and, in the end, did nothing. The girl walked on. The moment passed.

Laetitia thought, “Another of life’s missed opportunities for them; another limerick for me.”

A young lad out training his spaniel
Espied a lass near Caherdaniel
But was frankly perplexed
Over what to do next
For ‘twas not in his dog-training manual.