Day 1,036: Spanish Land Tour:  Córdoba.

Laetitia led her group on a day excursion to Córdoba.  Two highlights of the tour were the Roman Bridge and the Mezquita.  Also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the latter survived after the Christian reconquest of Southern Spain, because it was converted into a cathedral.

A Spanish lass called Carmelita
Met a lad at Cordoba’s “Mezquita”
And they were so simpatico
She invited the lad to go
Back home with her to her casita.

Day 1,035: Spanish Land Tour:  Ronda.

Laetitia led her group on a day excursion to Ronda.  It’s a picturesque city perched on both sides of a ravine.  It’s also the birthplace of modern bullfighting.

Hemingway found that bullfights enthrall
Though today folks oft think they appall
And this new trend is plain
Even in sunny Spain.
Barcelona’s bull ring’s now a mall.

Day 1,034: Spanish Land Tour:  Estepona.

Laetitia led a land tour of southern Spain.  Her group stayed in Estepona in a nice seaside hotel and ventured out by bus or van on day trips.  Below is the Estepona limerick.

With sweet words uttered on his cellphone, a
Lad wooed a lass in Estepona,
Who, much to his sorrow
Thought them mierda de torro
So he left and went back to Daytona.

Day 1,033: Mediterranean Cruise: Monaco, Nice.

When the cruise ship docked in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Laetitia and her group went on an excursion to nearby Nice, in France. This is a limerick about that trip.

On the French Riviera is Nice
Once the home of Chagall and Matisse
With a fine promenade
‘Long its beach enfilade
For a day filled with fun and caprice.