Day 1,060: Mediterranean Cruise 2. Cabo de Palos, Spain.

Between the coastal lagoon called MarMenor and Cartagena is Cabo de Palos. Atop the highest point on the cape is a former watchtower that is now a lighthouse. During the early nineteenth century, it was part of a chain of watch and signal towers built to warn of the approach of the Barberry pirates.

AtCabo de Palos, the light
That aids ship navigation by night
Was once a watchtower
Against pirate power
To protect against Barberry might.

Day 1,059: Mediterranean Cruise 2. Valencia Spain.

Accompanied by a local guide, Laetitia took her group ashore for a city tour that ended at Catedral de Valencia. It is also known as St. Mary’s Cathedral and it claims to have the “authentic” Holy Grail.  The myriad of competing claims about the Grail in addition to the familiar King Arthur legends suggests that the issue will not be resolved anytime soon.  Laetitia wrote the day’s limerick from the point of view of Valencia.

Valencia claims the “real” grail
The one sought in King Arthur’s tale
Galahad and Gawain
Should have searched southern Spain
Glastonbury’s quest was bound to fail.

Day 1,058: Mediterranean Cruise 2. Barcelona, Spain.

Laetitia led a group from the cruise ship ashore in Barcelona as she had done on a previous cruise.  The focus of both tours was the art and architecture of Antoni Gaudi.  In 1885, Barcelona’s famous architect began building a garden community for his benefactor, Eusabi Güell.  When Güell died, his heirs sold the private estate to Barcelona and the city made it into a public park.  Park Güell, with its unique fanciful architecture and exquisite gardens, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gaudi’s fanciful craft’s on display
On a hilltop that’s known as Park Güell
A view unique and pretty
In Barcelona City
A fine place for your next holiday.

Day 1,057: Mediterranean Cruise 2. Sète, France.

Sète, France, is a coastal town in Languedoc near Montpelier.  It is noted for its seafood, tourism, and canals. A favorite local sport is water jousting.  Boats propelled by oars move toward each other.  On a platform in the bow of each boat is a man with a shield and a blunt lance.  As the boats are about to pass each other, each jouster tries to knock the other into the canal.

Sète, France, is a Languedoc town
Where Sèteois play a game of renown
In rowboats they have fights
They joust just like knights
As their rivals, they try to knock down.