Welcome to Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours

This writer of rude verse opines
That a limerick’s a verse of five lines
Its nonsensical bent
Has humorous intent
With triplet and couplet end-rhymes.

Bard Ogden Nash died before blogs
But he sometimes wrote verse about dogs
So here’s the inaugural
Of a blog of rude doggerel
That I hope will not make you saw logs.

If you’re someone who finds verse sublime
In the limerick form with tortured rhyme
This site is for you
Take a minute or two
I don’t think you’ll find it wastes time.

When famous bards Byron and Blake
Decided mind-journeys to take
To examine the soul
It wasn’t as droll
As the journeys that we’re going to make.

Though our travels may seem quite chaotic
We’ll avoid things that make us neurotic
Like airport security
While arriving with surety
As we mind-travel to sites exotic.

You may find our tours a bit quirky
Like Hollandaise sauce on beef jerky
And may not rejoice
In a rude place-name choice
When you wish to tour Maui or Turkey.

But, if real travel has become knotty
And you’d rather have “Beam us up, Scotty”
Then get on our bus
And come on with us
To places that some may find naughty.