About Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours

Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours offers mental travel to places around the globe and elsewhere. Mind’s Eye Tours are not limited to three dimensions, nor are they plagued by canceled or delayed flights, lost luggage, or medical emergencies. They can go to events in the past or future, for example, visiting Mardi Gras in June, even though the real world experiences it earlier in the year.

The intrepid tour guide of Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours is Laetitia, who chooses each day’s itinerary, leads the tour, and then composes a limerick for the day, usually related to the day’s tour destination or activity. Laetitia’s job has its challenges. Since mind travel isn’t limited by considerations of fuel economy, the tours might careen chaotically from place to place through space and time. They may also encounter a lot of strange situations and quirky people.

Joining a Mind’s Eye Limerick Tour is easy. Read about the day’s tour in the Vignette of the Day and imagine yourself as part of the tour group. When you are finished, read the day’s limerick. It may seem odd that you can join groups of tours that took place a few days before, but with the magic of mind-travel, it’s as easy as crossing the street.

When we read through a travel brochure
Our minds sometimes take flight on a tour
Dreaming we’re on a cruise
While we choose to peruse
What is found in the tour literature.

And soon in our mind’s eye we’re there
In the warm sunlight and fresh sea air
Viewing places exotic
Or even erotic
While still lounging in an armchair.

If such travel for you has appeal
And the things you imagine seem real
Then you may take delight
In the tours on this site
That new places each day will reveal.