Bawdy Disclaimer

No doubt there are folks who have quibbled
With the tone of this website I’ve scribbled
And some may aspire
To kindly inquire:
“Should a Bawdy Disclaimer be ribald?”

Or may think we need Bowdler as censor
To make it less Shakespeare; more Spencer,
A ruthless word-predator
And bawdy-text editor,
Nihil obstatimprimatur dispenser.

If the themes found within seem debased
Picasso said, “Art’s never chaste”
Though some may impart
“Such verses aren’t art”
‘Tis childish to fight about taste.

If this site’s contents seem to you rude
And call to mind acts performed nude
Then heed this disclaimer
And find something tamer
Apropos to be read by a prude.

All who find smut reprehensive
Should seek content not as offensive
And go for respite
To a different website
Before they become hypertensive.