Day 991: Krakow

Laetitia led a tour to Krakow, Poland.  It is a modern, vibrant city with lovely parks and market squares bustling with life.  Laetitia’s tour focused on the city’s UNESCO sites and other scenes exemplifying Krakow’s history and culture.  Oskar Schindler’s metal-stamping factory is there and is now a museum.  It portrays a grim period in the history of Poland and humankind with one bright spot.  Schindler was a Nazi with ethics who was able to save many of his mostly-Jewish employees from the Nazi death camps because they were making shell casings and mess kits for the war effort and because the corrupt Nazi establishment readily accepted bribes.

Poland is famous for its vodka so Laetitia ended the tour with a vodka tasting.

Now Poland exudes style and dash
And its markets and food have panache
And its vodka’s preferred
Where “nostrovia” is heard
In the land where the zloty is cash.

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