Day 889: Cult Car

At family parties, Laetitia’s Uncle Ralph sometimes waxes nostalgically about the automobiles in the mid 1950s, especially the Chevys.  His harangue usually lasts until Aunt Margaret shuts him up by saying it was a fools’ paradise.  Most of the teenagers cruising Main Street in cars that got 6 miles to the gallon of leaded gasoline had no idea of the practice’s negative impact on the environment.  Nonetheless, there is a cult surrounding those cars, fueled no doubt in some cases by older folks who would like to regain their lost youth.  These days, the best place to see such cars is in Havana, Cuba.

In a Fifties teenager’s view, Heaven
Was a Chevy Bel Air ‘57
V-8 Power-Pack
With dual mufflers, glass-pack
Cruising Main Street well after eleven.

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