Day 873: Bird in a Guilty Cage

Laetitia’s Uncle Ralph wasn’t an especially good singer but he loved to sing anyway, especially songs that annoyed her Aunt Margaret.  One of these was the “Cream of Wheat” song that was a radio commercial when he was a child.  The other was his version of the Bird in a Gilded Cage that he made up words for.  It went, “She’s only a bird in a guilty cage and her ears they are green and black.”  He never got beyond the first line before Aunt Margaret’s protests shut him up.  Just for fun, Laetitia decided to continue the theme and finish the song and she condensed Aunt Margaret’s protests into a limerick.

It’s “gilded,” not “guilty,” I say
And green and black ears, by the way
Are just too absurd
For this hapless caged bird
Who’s a trophy wife on display!

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