Day 848: English Signs (Shitterton)

During her recent tour in Dorset, Laetitia encountered several signs she thought worthy of mention.   The first was a sign in Bere Regis for a street called “Shitterton.”   It wasn’t as though she was first to discover it. It is No. 120 in Bailey’s and Hurst’s Rude Britain. Adjacent to the road’s stone marker is a sign saying that it is “Unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles” and a triangular sign with symbols suggesting that it’s an appropriate place to take children for walks. Missing is a sign suggesting that walkers wear easily cleaned footwear.

She decided to write a limerick about them.

This writer of limericks opines
That England’s renown for its signs
And Shitterton’s one
That’s especially fun
If one toward bawdy humor inclines.

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