Day 847: Cerne Abbas Giant

Laetitia received an email from the headquarters of Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours, wherever that is, to lead a tour in Dorset in England that included the Cerne Abbas giant.  She had toured there before, but didn’t mind going there again so she obliged on the next occasion when she had a break from her Antarctic research station duties. The giant is a 180-foot high chalk figure of a man with a club and an erection.  Its date of origin is unknown.  The earliest written record of it is in 1694.

When it came to writing the day’s limerick, Laetitia pondered whether the man depicted by the figure was confused when he was approached by a friend who said, “Wanna go clubbing tonight?

Was the man with the large club of wood
Just a fellow who misunderstood
A friend’s call to go clubbing
And did he get a snubbing
From the folks in his neighborhood?

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