Day 846: Neuschwanstein

Normally, Laetitia wouldn’t have thought of leading a winter tour but, compared to Antarctica, winters elsewhere are mild.  Thus, Laetitia decided to lead a winter trip to Neuschwanstein, the fairytale castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.  Ludwig was a Richard Wagner enthusiast and many of the rooms were modeled after Wagnerian opera scenes.  The falling snow enhanced the romance of the tour although the trek up the hill to the entrance was a bit slippery.  After a guided visit to the castle, Laetitia took her group through the nearby Füssen to enjoy its Christmas markets.  Her guests especially enjoyed the gluhwein (hot mulled wine) served in each stand’s signature cups.

A winter trip to Neuschwanstein
Is an outing exceptionally fine
With a romantic glow
In the feathery snow
And followed by steaming gluhwein.

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