Day 845: Risqué Moose

Lounging on her bunk after lunch, Laetitia remembered a funny story from Uncle Ralph and Aunt Margaret and decided to turn it into a limerick.  The couple loved the Canadian Maritimes and drove there several times.  Driving across Quebec Province where the road signs are only in French, they noticed signs with moose silhouettes that read, “Prudence.”  In French, “prudence” means caution.  On later trips on the same road, they noticed that these warning signs had changed and now read, “Risqué,” meaning risk in French.  Laetitia’s observation that these words have different meanings in English led to the day’s limerick.

Does it signify moral decay,
Those signs ‘long Quebec’s main Highway?
Are Canadian moose
Now indecently loose
Since they’ve gone from Prudence to Risqué?

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