Day 838: El Fuerte, Mexico

Laetitia’s research station duties were done for the day.  She went to her room, lay down on her bunk, closed her eyes and a short time later was back in Mexico leading a tour.  She met her group in El Fuerte in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  Conquistador, Francisco de Ibarra, built a fortress there in 1610 as protection against the Zuaque and Tehueco Native American tribes that constantly harassed the Spanish invaders.  The day’s tour included a visit to its nineteenth century neoclassical City Hall and a local museum, Museo-Mirador.  El Fuerte is close to the Sea of Cortez and Laetitia found a local restaurant for dinner that offered excellent seafood.

When an amorous Brit known as Bertie
With the local girls tried to get flirty
They all seemed to vanish
For he had no Spanish
To woo them with in El Fuerte.

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