Day 811: Vermouth and Lost Youth

On this day, when she walked into the Emerald Victorian, Laetitia was a woman on a mission.  She needed to make a quick decision about the job offer she’d received at the research station in Antarctica.  She sat in a comfortable chair with a steaming cup of coffee at hand and thought over the ramifications of her decisions.  Since she was a veteran mind traveler she could still lead tours and attend Uncle Milt’s parties.  She made her decision and sent an email to the powers that be at Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours, wherever that is, telling them of the job offer and asking for a leave of absence.  She told them that she could continue to lead tours whenever she had a few hours of down time and that she would contact Sophie and several of her other cousins to see if they would be willing to fill in from time to time.  Realistically, though, she thought that tour numbers would likely drop from daily to once or twice per week.

Normally, she would now begin to think about what to post for the day’s limerick, but today, she didn’t need to.  The previous evening, Laetitia and her grandmother had dinner at one of Hibernia’s Indian restaurants.  On the way there she told her grandmother about the job offer.  Her grandmother seemed unsurprised by the offer and said, “I suspect it’s time for a break; I think the change will do you good.”

Cookie, a college acquaintance of her grandmother’s who was in town visiting relatives, joined them as did several others from grandmother’s local circle of female contemporaries referred to collectively as “The Girls.”  In her youth Cookie parlayed her good looks and athletic prowess into a career as a dancer and showgirl in New York, both on and off Broadway.  She never married and over the years enjoyed the largess of numerous boy friends: some wealthy, some shady, most flashy men about town.  She believed she was alluring enough that most of the men were true to her while these affairs were ongoing, even though some of her beaus were in occupations that were not quite respectable and probably illegal.

The conversation over dinner began cheerfully enough but as the evening wore on and more martinis were imbibed, turned maudlin as “The Girls” gave their personal accounts of losing the battle against aging.  Cookie talked about buying a Nook® because the print was too small in regular books and lamented that she was no longer was able to attract men of quality.  Her current beau is stingy and she thinks he’s unfaithful.  He often leaves her sitting at home while he has evening “business engagements.”  She suspects he’s actually cruising bars trolling for women. Laetitia found such conversations dreary but there was one upside.  She arrived at the Emerald Victorian this morning with a limerick ready to post.

A faded Broadway queen called Cookie
Once the darling of playboy and bookie
Now reads from a Nook®
Instead of a book
While her beau’s likely looking for nookie.

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