Day 711: Aberystwyth

The former market town of Aberystwyth is a popular tourist destination and also the home of the University of Wales. Laetitia began her tour at the ruin of Aberystwyth Castle. Afterward they toured the University, an institution of higher learning since 1872. They rode the Aberystwyth Cliff Railway and afterward walked along the beach that fronts the city.

At the north end of the long promenade in back of the beach is a steel railing about 20 feet long and about 2 feet above a low concrete base. When Laetitia and her group approached, a group of students were lined up in front of the bar and were kicking it. When asked what they were doing, one of them said, “Everyone does it. It’s a tradition. The Prince of Wales put his foot on the bar to tie his shoe when he was here on an official visit once, and we’ve been kicking it ever since for good luck.” Laetitia pondered that Princes of Wales haven’t always been lucky, but she said nothing. After the students finished, she and her group kicked the bar. As they were leaving, a drunk staggered up and tried unsuccessfully to kick the bar with comic effect and became the subject of the limerick of the day.

A drunk on the beach at Aberystwyth
Brought smiles to the lips the crowd kissed with
When he kicked at the bar
And missed it by far
And fell down on the leg that he missed with.

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