Day 600: Almost Day Off

Laetitia was in a good mood as she walked down Raglan Road in the direction of the Emerald Victorian. It was another almost day off, and she was going to a party that afternoon.

Once a year, her friend Morton hosted a lawn party at his lake home. The house actually belonged to his grandparents, with whom he was living until he could afford a place of his own. The quid pro quo for Mort’s grandparents was that they got to attend a party of the twenty-something set that was far livelier than the staid affairs of their contemporaries, which ended at 9:00 p.m. Morton’s grandparents’ lawn was a great party setting, and they contributed to the array of fine food and wine, which was served buffet style. Everyone wore casual clothes, and there was lots of witty repartee.

When she reached the Emerald Victorian, Laetitia posted a limerick to the Mind’s Eye website while the coffee was brewing. Then she took out her book and settled into a comfortable overstuffed chair in the library to read until it was time to go home and get ready for the party.

I love those lawn parties at Mort’s
Filled with trash talk and witty retorts
They’ve food that is fine
And wonderful wine
And all the guests come in their shorts.

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