Day 559: Sunbury Scurry

On the way to Sunbury, the Mind’s Eye group lingered in the Poconos for some hiking and wildlife watching in Hickory Run State Park. Their destination on the hike was a huge boulder field left behind when a glacier receded 20,000 years ago during the most recent ice age. Later in Nescopeck State Park, the group hiked along Nescopeck Creek and through some areas of wetlands and meadows.

Sunbury is an old community settled in 1772 by English immigrants, who named it for a village back in England. On arrival, Laetitia led a walkabout in the town’s historic district. At happy hour, Laetitia met a woman who introduced herself as Mary Murray and was having a drink before going off to her evening job at a mall pet shop. She was afraid of animals, especially rodents, but it was the only job she was able to find, and she needed the money. Her coworkers nicknamed her “Miss Eek.” After she left, Laetitia wrote the limerick of the day.

A quiet young girl named Miss Murray
Feared all of those creatures that scurry
But she “eeked” out a living
Despite this misgiving
Selling white mice and rats in Sunbury.

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