Day 66: Poi Joy

Fermoy is a town of around 6,000 residents on the Blackwater River in County Cork. Its Gaelic name, Mainistir Fhear Mai, means “Monastery of the Men of the Plain.” It was named after a Cistercian Abbey that was nearby from the thirteenth century until monasteries were dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII and their lands transferred to the king’s supporters.

Laetitia took her group to Ballyhooly Castle and on a hike in Castleblagh Woods. When they did their walkabout in Fermoy, Laetitia heard a story about a middle-aged woman from Fermoy who went to Hawaii and decided to stay there.

Went a spinster who lived in Fermoy
To Hawaii, she said, to try poi
And was modest and staid
Until she got leid
And went off in search of a boy toy.

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