Day 65: Tryst Mist

Laetitia and her group went to Ardglass in County Cork. It is a small village with the usual church, post office, a few stores, and a pub, all centered around the village green. In the center of the green was a statue of someone on a horse that was a favorite roosting spot for pigeons. Radiating out from the center were sidewalks lined with flowers, shrubs, and trees all arranged in an elegant and tasteful manner. Laetitia and her group stopped at the pub there on the way to Fermoy. The conversation with some local residents there centered on the green and how beautiful it was. What also emerged from the conversation was the observation that it was a favorite trysting place for teenagers and a funny story about an incident that occurred after the village installed lawn sprinklers. The story provided Laetitia with the limerick of the day.

There once was a young Irish lass
Who enjoyed making love on the grass
‘Til the sprinklers came on
And her erstwhile Don Juan
Ran quite nude through the streets of Ardglass.

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