Day 51: Starvin’ for Marvin

Situated on the banks of the Roughty River, Kilgarvan is a village of about 160 people near the site of the Battle of Callan, which took place in 1261 between the local Gaelic clans and the Normans. The Normans lost, and their influence in the area was diminished for several hundred years.

Laetitia and her group visited the battlefield site and then went to the Motor Museum, which features vintage and classic cars. Later they visited the ruin of Ardtully Castle, a nineteenth-century manor house that was burned in 1921 by the Irish Republican Army.

The gossip at the pub that day was about a local woman who had trouble finding a suitable man. It became the limerick of the day.

A lady who lived in Kilgarvin
For a manly companion was starvin’
But Padraig wears hose
And Craig picks his nose
So she finally settled for Marvin.

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