Day 47: Saint Brendan

Fenit is a small village of around 400 inhabitants in County Kerry on the north side of Tralee Bay. Saint Brendan was born in this vicinity, and there is a bronze monument in the harbor area erected in his honor. According to a ninth century account written by an Irish monk, Brendan crossed the Atlantic Ocean to North America in a wood-framed, leather-covered boat called a coracle. This was, of course, several centuries before Columbus, giving the Irish a claim to have discovered the new world. The account has not been verified, but in the 1970s, a lad named Tim Severin proved that one could indeed cross the Atlantic in that kind of boat. Laetitia wrote the limerick of the day in honor of Saint Brendan.

It is said that St Brendan did sail
O’er the sea in a coracle frail
But unlike the Titanic
He crossed the Atlantic
And lived to return with the tale.

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