Day 294: Round Ring Fling

Near Truro in Cornwall is Penryn.  A street in Penryn named “Round Ring” is one of the locales listed in Rude UK.  The street was likely named for a prehistoric ring fort in the area, but its presence in Rude UK likely stems from the importance of rings as articles of body adornment and the propensity of some to wear them in ways others think rude.  Laetitia and her group did a walkabout in the port area.  In medieval times it was important in the exportation of granite and tin.  Later, the port thrived on the copper, tin, and fish trades.  When later Laetitia and her group found Round Ring and walked down it, they passed a jewelry store next to a tattoo and piercing shop.  A member of her group named Sara decided to patronize both.  Her shopping spree inspired the multiple-verse limerick of the day.

Sara went on a wild shopping fling
In Round Ring where she bought a round ring
That was made out of gold
And so fine to behold
She could not keep from buying the thing.

But she had to decide where to wear it
Should it be someplace where she could bare it
Like an ear lobe or nose
Or, beneath pantyhose
T’is a shame to hide 24-carat.

So you can decide what she did
Was the new ring in plain sight or hid
In a place that was known
To a lover alone
Or, in view, such as near an eyelid?

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