Day 274: Thong Throng

Today Laetitia would finish Arkansas. Tomorrow she would tour Louisiana, the last state included in her western United States tours. Technically, only part to Louisiana is west of the Mississippi. Although the river is the border between states for most of its run from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, it divides Minnesota and Louisiana, the states at either end. However most of Louisiana and all the places visited during the next few days are west of it.

Once again, those who signed up for the day’s tour were all fishermen. Just above the border between Arkansas and Louisiana is Redeye Lake. A person with imagination could think of a number of origins for its name. It has a reputation as a great fishing lake. Thus it could have referred to the morning after fishing all night in a boat with a bottle. Alternatively it could have been named for a species of freshwater fish called the Redeye Bass. The species occurs in rivers and streams elsewhere in the south, although not necessarily in this lake in Arkansas.

Laetitia and her group spent the morning on a chartered boat and caught enough fish for a shore lunch. As they headed toward the spot where they were going to tie up the boat and build a wood fire to cook the fish, they went by a swimming beach. One member of Laetitia’s fishing party was a local man from the nearby town called Strong. He whispered something to the rest of the fishing party and they all trained their binoculars on the beach. Laetitia scanned the beach with her binoculars. Oddly, while the sunbathing women were scattered throughout the beach, the men were all clustered in one spot. In the center of the cluster was a young woman clad only in a thong. “She’s from my home town,” announced the local man proudly. Laetitia smiled, put down her binoculars and wrote down the limerick of the day.

‘Twas the joy of a lady from Strong
To recline on the beach in a thong
Hoping she could entice
All the men she thought nice
To the ranks of her admiring throng.

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