Day 272: Miss Josie’s Ass

Laetitia and her group spent the day on a trail ride on pack animals in the hills above the Arkansas River Valley near Ozark, Arkansas. They enjoyed lovely scenery and a picnic lunch. The tour leader was a middle-aged woman who went by “Miss Josie.” A middle-aged bachelor in the group named Jed made a concerted effort always to ride next to Miss Josie. He continuously paid her compliments regarding her personal appearance and that of her pack animal. She ignored him at first, but gradually his flattery had its effect and she allowed as how her animal had won a blue ribbon at the North Franklin County Fair in Ozark. In order to ensure that the judges didn’t show favoritism, the fair officials had imported judges from over in Cass instead of using local fellows from Ozark. Laetitia didn’t go to happy hour when they arrived in Ozark in late afternoon. She already had a limerick.

When Jed saw Miss Josie’s fine ass
He deemed it one hard to surpass
It was just the right size
And was given first prize
By the livestock show judges from Cass.

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