Day 131: Bland Date

With yesterday’s limerick in mind, Laetitia and her group actually did go to Humptulips on the way to the Olympic Peninsula. It is a small town of about 200 inhabitants on the banks of the Humptulips River. The name apparently is derived from a word in the language of the local Native American tribe that means “hard to pole,” probably referring to the difficulty of poling a watercraft through the wetlands of the area.

They visited Olympic National Park and the Quinault Rainforest. The group found a sense of awe at the towering, moss-covered fir trees and the abundance of ferns. Some of these temperate rainforest areas receive more than 200 inches of rain each year. The group also enjoyed seeing the hanging glaciers, deep valleys, lush meadows, and abundant wildlife of the Olympics.

They spent the evening on the coast at the town of Queets. Walking about town, Laetitia heard some gossip that led to the limerick of the day.

A randy old fellow from Queets
Often lured ladies between his sheets
But they found him so bland
On such a one-night-stand
That there never were any repeats.

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