Day 1,032: Mediterranean Cruise: Saint-Tropez

Typically, cruise ships sail at night, arrive at the designated port of call in the morning, and sail again in the evening. This pattern inspired a limerick.

By cruise ship, we came to Saint-Tropez
And tonight, we are sailing away
It’s the big ship routine
Moving from scene to scene
Where we rarely stay more than a day.

Day 1,031: Mediterranean Cruise: Marseille and Cassis

With the ship tied to the pier in Marseille, Laetitia and her group bussed to the small coastal fishing village of Cassis. There they boarded a small excursion boat for a tour of the village’s picturesque coastline. The secluded beaches and rocks were filled with nude sunbathers. The reaction of one member of Laetitia’s tour group inspired the day’s limerick.

On a Cote d’Azure boat ride, Denise
From her husband demanded surcease
From his penchant to stare
At the sunbathers bare
On the rocks near the town of Cassis.

Day 1,030: Mediterranean Cruise: Barcelona, Spain.

Laetitia’s tour in Barcelona, featured the works of the city’s famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. He had the good fortune of having a wealthy patron that allowed him to indulge his imagination without the usual financial constraints. He was deeply religious and designed Barcelona’s fascinating cathedral, still a work in progress.

Though the architect, Antoni Gaudi
Designed buildings religious not bawdy
As befits his persona
Folks in Barcelona
May view his creations as gaudy.

Day 1,029: Mediterranean Cruise: Valencia, Spain.

When Laetitia led a tour group in Valencia, Spain, that included the cathedral, the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia, she was surprised to find on display a chalice identified as the Holy Grail. Contradictory legends abound concerning the Grail that range from those of Arthurian legend to that of Dan Brown’s and these spawned a limerick.

When King Arthur’s knights searched for the Grail
In old England in many a tale
Valencians claim
‘Twas in Rome, then in Spain
So those searches were destined to fail.