Day 1,024: Mediterranean Cruise: Naples.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. Naples claims to have invented pizza about a hundred years ago and UNESCO has put Neapolitan-style pizza making on its annual list of “The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” Thus, having pizza at a recommended local establishment was a must. Afterwards, Laetitia wrote the day’s limerick.

If you’re in Napoli for its eats, a
Treat you should try is wood fired pizza
Its aroma unique
Will your appetite pique
E’en before the first yummy bite greets you.

Day 1,023: Mediterranean Cruise: Rome.

Laetitia led a tour group on a Mediterranean cruise. One of the first stops was Rome.where they visited Castel Sant’Angelo. Originally built as a mausoleum for Roman Emperor Hadrian, the circular building was converted to a fortress for the Vatican which is connected to it by a tunnel. The Castel figures in the plot of Puccini’s opera, Tosca.

The old city of column and dome
Was where Floria Tosca called home
And made her tragic fall
From Sant’Angelo’s wall
In Puccini’s great opera of Rome.

Day 1,022: Penduline Tits 2.

Below is Laetitia’s second limerick about Penduline Tits.

For a query that may tax your wits
Consider the Penduline Tits
Whose graphic name rests
On their pendulous nests
So say ornithological writs.

Day 1,021: Penduline Tits 1.

In the ship’s library on the cruise just completed, Laetitia ran across the penduline tits in an ornithology book and decided it would make a good limerick. The penduline tits are a subgroup of the titmouse family who are distinguished by their hanging nests. It inspired some limericks. This is the first.

So say ornithological writs
The subfam’ly of penduline tits
Whose identity rests
On their pendulous nests
Into the titmouse fam’ly well fits.