Day 962: Great Tits

Observing a pair of Great Tits at a bird feeder while leading a tour in England, Laetitia was asked by a native if there were tits in America.  She answered, “No,” at the time unaware of the Bushtit in the western United States.  When she realized her mistake, she wrote the following two-verse limerick.

One is tempted to envy the Brits
Who are blessed with a wealth of fine Tits
Great, Coal, Blue, and Yellow
Marsh, Azure, Tit Willow
For bird lovers, as good as it gets.

About Yanks, I am sorry to say
Of tits, we have no such array
And though this does appall
The Bushtit is all
I hope that this thought makes your day.

Day 961: Nice Fish

Laetitia’s London theater tour also included a play called Nice Fish.  It isn’t British; it’s an import from Minnesota.  Imagine, if you will, Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot) and the Coen Brothers (Fargo) go ice fishing and decide to write a play about it.

If you long for some ice fishing kitsch
You should go to the play called Nice Fish
An amalgam of Godot
And Coen Brothers’ Fargo
That surely will grant you your wish.

Day 960: New Year’s Eve Toast

Laetitia led a London theater tour over the Christmas holidays that included the pantomime, Sleeping Beauty.  To many Americans, “pantomime” is synonymous with “mime.”  Thus, the Yanks in her group were surprised when the performance was something other than actions and gestures without words.  In England, pantomimes are aimed mainly at children.  They are generally based on fairy tales or nursery rhymes and involve, music, sight gags, pratfalls, and other forms of slapstick humor.  They are usually staged during the Christmas holidays and there is lots of interaction between the actors and the audience.  After the performance, there was a New Year’s Eve party and Laetitia gave the opening toast.

Where pantomime’s music, not mime
I give you this New Year’s Eve rhyme
May you have good health
And a measure of wealth
And tonight may all have a grand time.

Day 959: David’s Limerick

David was a witty, recently retired techie also from Alberta.  This is his limerick:

From Alberta, where coins bring to mind
Queen Elizabeth with bear behind
Comes David in I.T.
Whose wit is quite mighty
And to humorous jests is inclined.