Day 958: Anne’s Limerick

Anne was an engineer originally from Winnipeg and more recently from Calgary who was currently working in Paris though she was planning to retire soon and return to Alberta.  Following a thought inspired by the World War I song, How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm After They’ve Seen Gay Paree, Laetitia wrote the limerick that follows for Anne:

Will a Winnipeg Lassie named Anne
Who now lives where they do the can-can
Miss the Alberta boonies
Where they buy things with loonies
And go back home according to plan?

Day 957: Paulene’s Limerick

Leading a group on a Rhine River cruise, Laetitia was joined at afternoon cocktails by an elegant English lady from Essex named Paulene and two Canadians from Alberta named Anne and David.  When they heard that she was a limericist, they challenged her to write a limerick for each of them and she complied.  This is Paulene’s Limerick.

Dressed as Cleopatra, the queen
An Essex lass known as Paulene
Made the other guests gasp
When she showed them her asp
At a costume ball one Halloween.

Day 956: Chelsea Hotel

Laetitia wrote another tribute to Leonard Cohen.  The limerick features the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, which was home to many of notable residents from the worlds of film, theater, music, art, design, and literature.  Cohen wrote Chelsea Hotel as a tribute to Janis Joplin.

Here is one of several versions:

The Chelsea Hotel staff played hosts
To film, music, and literary toasts
Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen
Two Dylans, all well known and
Many haunt it as world-famous ghosts.

Day 955: Bavarian Surfing

Though most think of Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline or other tropical beaches throughout the world, surfing is a popular in the Eisbach Channel of Munich’s Isar River.

Mention surfing and most folks incline
To think beaches and Banzai Pipeline
But Munich surfers crave
The Eisbach and its wave
Many miles from a coastal shoreline.