Day 949: Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Laetitia is a great admirer of the work of Leonard Cohen and decided to write a tribute to him.

Leonard Cohen, a mensch of our time
Wrote musical poems most sublime
Hallelujah, Suzanne
We embraced with élan
We’ll miss him and his soul-searching rhyme.

Day 948: About Imaginary Tours

Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours offers imaginary tours that end with limericks.  Here are some limericks about imaginary tours:

When we read through a travel brochure
Our minds sometimes take flight on a tour
Dreaming we’re on a cruise
While we choose to peruse
What is found in the tour literature.

And soon in our mind’s eye we’re there
In the warm sunlight and fresh sea air
Viewing places exotic
Or even erotic
While still lounging in an armchair.

If such travel for you has appeal
And the things you imagine seem real
Then you may take delight
In the tours on this site
That new places each day will reveal.

Day 947: Fascinating Aida

Although Fascinating Aida has been performing since 1983, Laetitia became aware of this stellar English musical comedy group only recently. She ran across their post-Brexit song, So Sorry Scotland, as a YouTube spot on the Internet and was fascinated by their talent, professionalism, and clever lyrics.  As one who writes lyrics for musical comedy herself she decided to express her appreciation for their work in a limerick.

‘Tis rumored the swan said to Leda,
“You must see “Fascinating Aida”
From “Cheap Flights” to “Brexit
You’ll laugh still as you exit
They’re iconic like La Dolce Vita.

Day 946: Bawdy Disclaimer

Although Laetitia “tries to be comical but not anatomical” when she writes the limericks that accompany her tours, some of them are risqué. Thus, a bawdy disclaimer in limerick form is in order.

No doubt there are folks who have quibbled
With the tone of this website I’ve scribbled
And some may aspire
To kindly inquire:
“Should a Bawdy Disclaimer be ribald?”

Or may think we need Bowdler as censor
To make it less Shakespeare; more Spencer,
A ruthless word-predator
And bawdy-text editor,
Nihil obstat, imprimatur dispenser.

If the themes found within seem debased
Picasso said, “Art’s never chaste”
Though some may impart
“Such verses aren’t art”
‘Tis childish to fight about taste.

If this site’s contents seem to you rude
And call to mind acts performed nude
Then heed this disclaimer
And find something tamer
Apropos to be read by a prude.

All who find smut reprehensive
Should seek content not as offensive
And go for respite
To a different website
Before they become hypertensive.