Day 940: Grumpy Old Men

Laetitia led a tour to Wabasha, Minnesota.  This historic Mississippi River town is known for its National Eagle Center and as the locale of the film, Grumpy Old Men.

If you have free time and have a yen
To see where they filmed Grumpy Old Men:
With Lemon and Matthau
In and near Wabasha,
You’ll enjoy it again and again.

Day 939: Packer

After leading a tour in eastern Wisconsin, Laetitia took her group to a Green Bay spa.  Shortly after their arrival, Some rowdy post-football revelers arrived.  They inspired the day’s limerick.

Post football game night at the spa
Gloating winners are shouting, “hurrah”
Though much clothing they lack
One knows fans of “the Pack”
As the ones with cheese head or cheese bra.

Day 938: Mable Tainter Theatre

A Menomonie, Wisconsin, lumber baron built the Mable Tainer Theatre in 1889, to honor a daughter who loved music and the arts and died at age 19 of a ruptured appendix.  Laetitia took a group there to see the musical, South Pacific, but the theatre hosts a wide variety of performances from many genres and is a popular venue for weddings.

In Menomonie there is a gem
If you have a theatrical whim
For play or entertainer
Theatre Mable Tainter
Provides nights of fun filled to brim.

Day 937: Laetitia Limericist

Laetitia views poetry as writing either in verse or prose that engenders emotion.  Since the only emotion she hopes to spawn with her verse is laughter, she prefers to call herself a limericist rather than a poet:

I’m a limericist, not a poet
And the verses I write tend to show it
For I’ve no devotion
Toward raising emotion
Just humor, and my readers know it.