Day 936: Meghan Trainor’s Bass

Surfing the internet while preparing for another imaginary tour, Laetitia ran across Meghan Trainor’s YouTube, All About That Bass. It inspired a limerick.

Meghan Trainor’s fun song about “bass”
For Lane Bryant is surely an “ace”
And Peter Paul Rubens
And full figured Cubans
Might view it as a gift of grace.

Day 935: Munich

Guides sometimes encounter guests who interrupt the tour by loudly regaling anyone who will listen on some preferred topic.  On Laetitia’s Munich tour today, a nerdy herpetologist began a discourse on reptilian hemipenes (twin male reproductive organs) as they passed the twin steeples of the Frauenkirche.

Frauenkirche’s known for twin blunt spires
And diverse are the thoughts it inspires
Though one hardly bargains
For reptile male organs;
A topic of which one soon tires.

Day 934: Danube


Laetitia led a tour group on a river cruise on the Beautiful Blue Danube.  Anyone who has seen the Danube knows that there is nothing very blue about it, leading Laetitia to wonder if the term referred to some of the cruising passengers, as in Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk.

If you see it you’ll know it is true
That the Danube is not really blue.
Maybe some who peruse
It while they’re on a cruise
Do so after way too much brew.

Day 933: Bratislava

Laetitia led a tour to Bratislava where she and her group encountered a sculpture of a brass voyeur – a bronze man in a hardhat peering up women’s skirts from a manhole.

Though statues oft fete the hauteur
And less often workers obscure
Bratislava does that
Featuring a “hardhat”
That just happens to be a voyeur.