Day 914: Carl Sagan

Laetitia admires Carl Sagan’s ability to make the complexities of astronomy and science understandable for non-scientists. She turned several of his famous quotes into limericks. This is the second.

On the universe some folks incline
To see it hostile or benign
But Sagan was different
He saw it indifferent
And the subject of wonder sublime.

Day 913: Vera Similitude

Laetitia joined several friends in one of Hibernia’s pubs.  The topic of discussion was the novel one of them was writing.  It inspired this limerick:

Fiction writers have often pursued
An elusive lass of pulchritude
Who decides between lame
And fortune and fame
Lady Vera Similitude.

Day 912: Writing Illini

Laetitia was riding the Southwest Chief heading for Santa Fe when she was seated opposite Bob in the dining car.  Their conversation revealed that in addition to being a teacher and 5-string banjo player, he was a limericist.  When she offered to post one of his limericks on the Mind’s Eye Limerick Tours website, he accepted.  She wrote her own limerick to accompany his.

Bob Pearse, with his Devonshire name
And kinfolk of Widecombe Fair fame,
Plays banjo with a band
In Illinois land
And is now in the limerick game.

Here is Bob’s limerick: (two bee red allowed)

Eye chews two root bye male
Eh morn full berth dei tail.
Wee flu threw passed daze
Wile thyme boar hour pore weighs
Week ayes, ore sloe harts witch ale.

If a translation is needed…

I choose to route by mail
a mournful birthday tale.
We flew through past days
while time bore our poor ways
weak eyes, or slow hearts which ail.

Day 911: Affair sans Savoir Faire

Laetitia was at dinner with Granny and her friends (The Girls) when one of them disclosed in hushed tones that she was having an affair.  The drama was broken a moment later when one of the others asked, “Who’s going to cater it?”  It inspired the limerick of the day.

The matron disclosed her affair
To her friends while projecting an air
Of a nymph with a satyr
‘Til one asked, “Who will cater?”
It seems age undermines savoir faire.