Day 902: Fifty Shades

At dinner at one of Hibernia’s Irish pubs with Granny and her friends (The Girls), the conversation turned to Fifty Shades of Grey.  It seemed that everyone except Laetitia had read this popular piece of modern erotica.  Since Laetitia couldn’t meaningfully participate in the conversation, her eccentric mind fixed on the word, “shades.” Then her thoughts drifted to the witches’ ceilidh in Burns’ Tam o’Shanter and the grey appearance of the multitudes of otherworldly creatures depicted in nineteenth century pen and ink drawings of the classic scene.  By the end of the evening she had another quirky limerick.

The title “Fifty Shades of Grey
Stirs odd thoughts about old Alloway:
Shades that dance in the dark,
Tam and Nan’s cutty sark,
Brig o’ Doon o’er which Tam ran away.